I am always up for a good garment at a decent price + was super surprised by these little numbers I happened to obtain during the EOFY sales from Zara + Valley Girl!


The first is a two piece pant-suit with eccentric colouring + print, pairing it with a black turtleneck bodysuit for the cooler weather, featuring along side my favourite mirror boots! Entire outfit is Zara except the bodysuit from Valley Girls Basics Range; I have never been much of a colour person but I am enjoying experimenting with this red + especially love the cut of the pants. The mirror boots are insanely amazing + feature a small kitten heel for those who don’t want to be too out of comfort!


The second outfit featured is a black + white gingham blouse featuring a large grown-up statement frill at the top half of its crop/shift shape, a pair of relaxed straight leg jeans with a raw edge folded at the hem for an extra chic look + I finished this look totally from Valley Girl off with a pair of Peter Morrisey Perspex heels; This shirt has received so many compliments + for such a large statement frill it can be dressed up or down depending! Being honest Valley Girl has never really had a true to fit size 6 (XS) but these jeans (size 6 pictured) are an extremely good fit while not being overly tight – super comfy!



My third pick for this seasons outfits is a romantic white blouse with a high neck + bell sleeves with tie detail as well as the relaxed straight leg jeans carried through from the second outfit (both from Valley Girl) + still paired with the lovable Perspex heels from Peter Morrisey; this outfit screams feminine + fresh! Its relaxed + easy to pull out of that deep rabbit hole for a great “go-to” for brunch, dinner + even a few cheeky evening cocktails with the girls!

If you have any enquires about the outfits featured or singular pieces please don’t hesitate to swing me message on here in the comments or on IG @lenouveauxnoir








conquering creating.

so in this post I wanted to discuss more of the designing + creating in my life; In the last few weeks I have begun to design + sew up prototypes of mini clutches as well as normal + oversized clutches.

So far I have made my own patterns (still attempting to decide on sizes) with measuring off store bought zippers (spotlight have a large range of zips) + store bought tassels, as I really like that artsy boho aesthetic on bags + clutches while still maintaining a sleek feel. So my main aim for the next few weeks is to practice making my own pom poms + tassels to use on my handmade bags + clutches. I have also been able to purchase detachable lobster style clasps so you may mix + match your pom poms, tassels + bag or clutch! As I begin to do these test runs I will continue to practice + run trials up of my clutches + bags to work out any kinks + ensure I am 100% happy with my product before distribution.

This is by miles not where I saw myself beginning with my label but so far I am thoroughly enjoying designing these little (some BIG!) babies + am looking forward to learning through these experiences how difficult it is to make such intricate + tedious pieces!

If anyone would like anymore info please feel free to hit me an email or on my Instagram @salty.potato

thank you for reading! x


Lingerie Beyond Boundaries.

So in this post I really wanted to talk about my favourite alternative trend that for the last few years has become extremely mainstream in the fashion industry, from couture to fast fashion, everyone is turning sensual bedroom pieces into everyday outerwear!

With people like Imogen Anthony, Dita Von-tease + Kylie Jenner sporting the slinky yet feminine pieces + pairing them with casual basics from track pants to pencil skirts, it is super easy to dress this trend up for an evening out or down for a day time lunch.

I usually pair a decorative lace body suit or bralette with a pair of vintage denim jeans + if you are in the Autumn or Winter months this is an outfit I love pairing with a vintage fur jacket for added warmth + extra luxe! If you aren’t the jacket type or happy to flash your goods you can always try the mesh bodysuit trend with a covered bralette underneath.

I am a huge lover + advocate of lingerie and its uprising versatility in fashion. Wether you want to wear it underneath or on top…is totally up to YOU!

Thank you all for reading + I hope you enjoyed my thrown together post!

Maddison x

Outfit Details

Bodysuit: Bras’ n ‘Things
Jeans: Vintage Jeans West
Belt: Valley Girl Australia

Red Dragon.
Lion Den.
Red Dragon.
Lion Den.

Skin care, Who cares?

So I wanted this post to be about skincare + my personal skin care routine that has worked for me so far. I have suffered with pretty bad acne + hormonal breakouts from the age of 8. As a young girl  it did tend to play havoc on my self-confidence, especially in high school + for years I damaged my skin with harsh chemicals like Proactiv, continuing to struggle to control the oil + breakouts no matter what I seemed to try. This was all until my step-sister turned me toward Suskin; a sustainable + grey water safe botanical skin care range, created by Melbourne family Peter, Simon + Allison. Suskin was launched by the family in 2007 with the focus of “skincare that doesn’t cost the earth”. Not just a mere statement made but a commitment the company stands by, boasting recyclable packaging that is kept to a minimum as well as biodegradable formulations as to not harm our precious ecosystem. I use their Foaming Facial Cleanser along with my Skin Physics cleansing brush; it leaves my skin feeling fresh + clean without feeling over dried + stripped like some cleansers can.

Along with my Suskin cleanser I use a moisturiser I like to refer to as my little miracle in a pot; Skin Doctors Antarctilyne Plump. When I first decided to try an anti-ageing cream I laughed internally at myself for being so god damn naïve…it’ll never work. So anxiously I stopped in the aisle + began to look + read about all these empty promises at making my lines vanish; I saw one particular cream that I read the label to myself “triple action skin plumper” + its cliché “boosts collagene for smoother, firmer + younger looking skin “. I pulled down the small jar + took it home. After using it within the first three days I noticed my skin was glowing + stayed hydrated all day (not oily) within several days I had thrown away the idea of jabbing needles into my smile lines + spending every cent I had on this cream. It genuinely made a difference to my lines + wrinkles (years of smoking and sun damage!) + has changed the way I felt about + in my skin. I have been using it Twice a day + thrilled! I am on my second jar of it now (a little goes a long way!) + will be continuing to purchase this product!

I have also been trying out the Banish Acne Kit + though I don’t have bad acne scaring, I do notice a huge difference in my skintone + lines when I use it. I really like using it the day before I have a night out or shoot on. The charcoal mask is amazing for my oily/combination skin + helps to control my oil slick, I like to make sure I use that once a week!

If any of my readers have any further questions about the products above, please feel free to email or DM me on Instagram!

Introduction post

Happy Fri-yay! So I figured I would start off my blog with an introductory post letting you know a little about myself and why I started Salt Fashion Design. My names Maddison, I am currently studying applied fashion design in Newcastle. I have always had a deep love for fashion – especially when it comes to originality! – Which has turned me to wanting to create and design my own label in the near future.

So a little about my personal style, I am extremely eclectic when it comes to my dress-style, one day it could be a pair of vintage jeans and a rolling stones tee and the next a flowy feminine dress, to quirky and eccentric pieces. I really believe in dressing to my mood and what makes me feel good.

A lot of my style inspiration comes from powerful and confident women such as; Imogen Anthony, Ruby Tuesday Matthews, Gabi Sullivan + the Olsen twins.

I have left the comments section open as I would love to hear from my readers on who their style icons are + or where their inspiration comes from, so please don’t hesitate!

Maddison x